Facebook Live Chat will transform how you communicate with website visitors

As a small business owner, hopefully, you’ll have already recognised the importance of having a company Facebook page. Not only does it increase your online presence and give you huge reach, globally, it is also the biggest and most reliable social media platform. So, are you taking full advantage of the new and improved Messenger service?

Facebook Messenger is the way forward when it comes to communi¬cating with customers in real time, attracting more traffic to your website and creating a long-lasting, personal relationship with your target audience.

Used by approximately 800 million people monthly, Messenger is convenient, free and easy to use and install on your website. The service allows you to send customised messages, videos, pictures, business cards, locations and even money. It is faster and slicker than ever before.

Make life easier by creating template messages, instant replies or by using chatbots to automatically respond to simple queries. Set response times, so customers know when you will get back to them, creating trust and enhancing their experience.

You can even personalise messages and flag their importance level. Also, take advantage of the fact you can find out more about the person messaging you – how long they’ve “liked” your page for, for example, or their location.

Facebook Messenger has a multitude of features to make communications easier and more effective. It’s always being updated and refined, so it’s time to get on board.

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