Delivering brand innovation for profitable growth

Ceuta Group offers an alternative solution to achieving brand innovation and profitable growth in evolving consumer markets.

Over the last decade, the Health & Personal Care and Food & Drinks industries have undergone monumental change. The level of consolidation through merger & acquisition has created huge global organisations with large and complex brand portfolios. In addition, ever-changing shopper and consumer behaviours have put both industries in a constant state of flux, leaving brand owners from start-ups to multinationals constantly challenged with the question: “What is the right path to growth?”

For many brand owners, keeping pace with these changes can become a costly and commercially complex challenge which is often more disruptive and time-consuming than anticipated; pushing them to utilise numerous agencies who struggle to align and deliver value, strategy and innovation for their brands.

The question is: “Would you prefer to go to one agency or five?”

At Ceuta Group, we work with businesses around the globe to meet that very challenge; offering a different route to achieving significant value creation for their brands, business plans and strategies.

Through our unique Integrated Platform of brand services, we offer everything a brand owner would want, or even need, under one organisation.

From shopper, category and data insights to brand strategy development and creative design, right through to multi-channel sales, distribution, trade marketing and experiential & field marketing, we have the services to meet our clients’ needs.

We offer a fully integrated, end-to-end brand management solution designed to bring innovation and commercial success to brands in fast-changing, national and global markets. Used individually or in combination, each of our specialist companies brings insight, innovation and focused expertise to support any aspect of a brand’s strategy for growth.

For powerhouse companies and private equity firms that are posed with the dilemma of how to optimise the value and growth potential of a vast and diverse portfolio of brands, in particular, how to manage non-core or acquired brands; Ceuta Group offers an alternative solution: Brand Fostering.

Rather than divest a brand through sale or confine it to the non-investment category; our Brand Fostering service allows businesses to hand over the care and nurturing of a brand to us. Armed with our powerful and comprehensive suite of brand services, we take ownership and responsibility for the management and growth of their brand whilst defending its equity and enhancing its value; ultimately enabling our clients to optimise the ROI of their entire portfolio.

From optimising a brand portfolio to breaking into new markets or trade channels; from managing and developing brands to turning a great product idea into a successful commercial launch, we bring speed, agility and cost efficiency to the management of our clients’ brands. And whilst we have scale, we apply the same focus and expertise to each and every brand we represent.

Our unique Integrated Platform meets the changing dynamics of global and local marketplaces and our approach, people, values and ways of working are equally flexible, allowing our clients to select the precise expertise they need to accomplish their brand purpose; creating outstanding value for their business.

But the benefits of our Integrated Platform don’t stop there. The international, interdisciplinary nature of its offering means we can develop a local market strategy and route to market for our clients in over 100 international markets through our alliance of proven professional partners; opening up access to new trade channels and territories whilst assisting companies who don’t want to invest in a full bricks and mortar model to maximise their investment in brand building activities.

Everything we do at Ceuta Group is focused on creatively nurturing brands for optimal growth and reward. We are constantly evolving and enhancing our services, techniques and operations by looking ahead to anticipate future consumer and shopper needs, market demands, changing technologies and operational capabilities.

With the vision to look into the future and the innovation and disciplines to prepare for it, Ceuta Group leads the future of brand outsourcing for forward-thinking companies.

To find out more about our services and work with us, please visit our website or find us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


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