The constant of change and the goal of success

It’s hard for a project leader out there these days. Not only are they asked to deliver more projects with smaller budgets in shorter timeframes, but projects are faced with more competition and more challenging bottom lines than ever before.

In the modern work landscape, which seems to be evolving and shifting at breakneck speeds, with changing business practices and new technologies every week, not to mention stakeholders and customers continuously revising their expectations, the pressure to deliver more with less is higher than ever before. The need to be flexible and agile is a prerequisite for any project, regardless of size and sector.

Change, evolution and updates

As revealed in a recent PPM Benchmark survey, project success is four times higher (56% vs 14%) in organisations where the business strategy is clear to project leaders, and where the project management business unit is actively aligned with the delivery of the organisation’s vision, strategy and objectives.

PRINCE2 has contributed greatly in providing a common language across team members, combined with a highly-structured, yet flexible, versatile and scalable approach to project management. In 2017 AXELOS launched an updated PRINCE2® guidance, together with new Foundation and Practitioner examinations, which shape the PRINCE2 2017 update, representing the first major revision of the PRINCE2 method since 2009.

A focus on tailoring

The PRINCE2 2017 update has been designed with the primary aim to increase project success rates in today’s fast-moving world. Τhe update places an unprecedented emphasis on tailoring PRINCE2 to the diverse needs of organisations and project environments, including the need for an agile approach.

PRINCE2, as always, obviates failure and promotes success by providing a coherent and reliable universal language for project management. At the same time, the PRINCE2 update particularly focuses on how the method’s themes and principles can be structured to suit the needs of organisations of different size, sector or type for projects of any nature or scope, more than ever before.

The ‘Themes’ guidance has been restructured to accommodate specific examples of tailoring and there are numerous examples with hints and tips that empower the practical application of the guidance. The chapters have been restructured with improved flow.

In the new guidance, the minimum requirements for running a project using the PRINCE2 method are clear and have been differentiated from the recommended approaches and techniques that can be used with PRINCE2. These changes are also reflected in the qualification syllabus and exam design, in order to ensure that tailoring is explicitly tested in the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.

The latest iteration of the guidance has evolved through an in-depth process of consultation with project professionals, learning about their real-life experiences and using these insights to make the practice of managing projects more effective, whilst also embracing agile approaches.

PRINCE2 2017 certification exams are already available in English. Starting in January 2018, PRINCE2, along with all other AXELOS portfolio certifications, will be delivered through PEOPLECERT, the global leader in the assessment and certification of professional skills. PEOPLECERT is bringing major innovation to the market, including the ability to take exams and receive customer support at absolutely any time, 24/7/365. This synergy will form a stable basis for all project management professionals, allowing them to acquire the knowledge they need to thrive in the market­place and excel at their ever-growing responsibilities, making them strategic leaders for the future of business.

*AXELOS conducted the PPM Benchmark survey amongst 550 project leaders. The fieldwork was conducted during April 2017. Over a 12-month period, the organisations surveyed each delivered on average 66 projects, with a run rate of approximately 11.6 months.

PRINCE2® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved

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