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There have always been good reasons to go all-out for excellence in the way we lead, support and manage people. Looking ahead to 2030 and beyond it seems Investors in People may have a more important role than ever in supporting organisations that are facing uncertain times and new challenges.

A growing IIP community

Investors in People (IIP) is a community interest company, founded in 1991. It aligns itself with motivated and forward-thinking organisations, building dynamic relationships that help them to evolve their talent and develop a supportive and engaging people management strategy. Members of the IIP community understand that it’s people that make the difference. IIP is proud to display its accreditation – recognised across 78 countries – and is a vocal advocate of what it represents.

  • create the right culture for high performance
  • retain valuable talent by listening to employees
  • gain new insights to support growth

Setting the standard

The link between organisational performance and people management practices is undeniable. Few would question the wisdom of putting people first in order to secure the best levels of productivity and improvement. Yet it isn’t always easy to assess the strength of leadership and company culture, or identify how best to move forward.

Enter the Investors in People (IIP) Standard, a straightforward framework to benchmark performance and help create effective results with easy-to-use tools. Not simply a one-off review, it’s an exciting journey with new perspectives and clear milestones along the way.

Constantly keeping ahead

Constantly moving, constantly improving – hundreds of business leaders, academics and industry experts were involved in creating the IIP Standard.

The Standard is made up of nine indicators, all of them based on features of leading organisations that consistently outperform industry norms.



“It’s not about processes, policies or paperwork – just easy to understand criteria that form a road-map for excellence in any industry.” – Paul Devoy, CEO, Investors in People

Stop firefighting, start leading

60K is an energetic company focused on international contact centres, working hard to enhance its reputation in the market as a preferred supplier and employer. CEO Jon Gladwish believes everyone has an equally important part to play in the success of an organisation, whether it’s the CEO or the cleaner, and that everyone should be treated with politeness and respect.

Following a period of rapid expansion, Gladwish understood that the way his organisation worked had to change if it was to achieve its goals. The reactive nature of the business meant it had been working in an ad hoc manner. It needed to transition to a more focused and organised approach. 60K then began its exciting journey with Investors in People.

During 60K’s IIP journey in-depth conversations took place at every level of the business, from CEO through to the newest recruits, creating a “gap-analysis” to help the company understand where its greatest gains were in order to improve performance.

60K has now been awarded IIP Silver accreditation, no mean feat for a company that has been growing rapidly in two sites and recruiting hundreds of new employees. Gladwish describes the impact of their IIP journey as sensational. Business operations improved, staff attrition fell, revenue grew by 58 percent and EBITDA increased fourfold. Now, 60K truly fulfils its motto as “the place where all the happy people work”.

The bottom line

When you pause to consider that the average cost of replacing a skilled worker is typically 150 percent of their salary, and that firms with engaged employees enjoy around 40 percent less turnover of staff, the issue of talent retention takes on even greater significance. It seems that companies with engaged employees also benefit from around two-and-a-half times more revenue than comparable businesses, so improvements in this area can have a big impact on the bottom line.

Nurture your talent

Helen Seaman, managing director at award-winning creative agency Rapiergroup, sums up nicely, highlighting how the IIP journey can positively influence an organisation. “A truly innovative company is one that looks beyond its financial performance,” she says. “We pride ourselves on the investment we have made in our team over the past few years, achieving Investors in People Gold accreditation. Our success would not be possible without having motivated, engaged and rewarded employees delivering award-winning projects for our clients.”

Paul Devoy, CEO at Investors in People, comments: “employing expectation as a leadership tool is the most effective way of motivating your team to give their best”, it is.... his belief that expectation, honesty and inspiration are fundamental to good people management. He adds "communicating that you see potential, then asking people to consistently deliver at that level, is a way of showing both appreciation for their job function, and respect for their talent.”

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  • Benchmark your leadership and people management performance
  • Compare and contrast with the best organisations out there
  • Identify key areas to invest in and improve
  • Gain valuable insights and access essential tools


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