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Public sector workers could ‘turf out’ Tory MPs in 85 constituencies

Public sector workers outnumber the majorities of 85 Conservative MPs, according to a new study.

The GMB union said its research showed the Government should take urgent action to end the cap on public sector pay.

The union called on Chancellor Philip Hammond to provide new funding to end seven years of real-terms pay cuts.

The figures, based on the latest official estimates for public sector employment, showed that prominent figures under threat include Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, and Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

Rehana Azam, GMB national secretary for public services, said: "Theresa May's stubborn refusal to end the public sector pay pinch cost the Conservatives their majority.

"If the squeeze continues, they face being turfed of Government during the next general election.

“Warm words from ministers about easing the cap won’t cut the mustard, especially when they refuse to stump up any new money whatsoever for our vital front line public sector workers.

“Our NHS staff, teaching assistants, council workers and police staff have suffered enough. It’s time they got the proper pay rise they deserve.”

The TUC is holding a rally in Westminster on Tuesday to press the case for a decent pay rise for nurses, local government workers and other public sector employees.

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