Digitalisation disrupts the traditional car industry, other industries are way ahead

Arthur Kipferler, Partner at Berylls Strategy Advisors UK

Digitalisation is everywhere these days, and has already turned several industries upside down. The automotive industry has resisted it for longer than most, but is finally experiencing an unprecedented transformation of its traditional business model. Indeed, the automobile itself is undergoing the greatest changes in decades, with numerous tech players pushing into the market, and customers have begun to rethink how they use cars.

New services are available via smartphone apps, such as ride-hailing and car-sharing. Most of them are not offered by the traditional car companies but come from digital start-ups. And new approaches like this in a mature industry could end up having a bigger impact than the technological changes during the last 50 years.

These transformations present numerous challenges but also open up new opportunities: new customer experiences are being created, processes are being redesigned and business models and value chains are being re-envisioned while completely new ones are being implemented. Although car manufacturers and suppliers currently have a good understanding of the new challenges, they are not yet on top of all these challenges. Many conclude that the auto industry is simply not agile enough to compete with new players such as Uber, Lyft, Google and Amazon – companies that have shown consumers how a digitalised life can look and feel.

Berylls Strategy Advisors UK is here to help car manufacturers and suppliers to accelerate and take advantage of the opportunities in digital transformation. Besides traditional strategy consulting, we provide support in conceptual design and implementation. If the client so desires, Berylls can offer help across the complete chain, from the original customer-needs analysis to the finished digital product. Our clear focus on mobility and the automobile, our extensive experience and our partner network make our offering unique in the market. The objective: making our clients fit for the decades to come.

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