Nymity’s approach to demonstrating compliance under the GDPR

Lisa Ruff, Senior Solutions Advisor, Privacy Office Solutions 

Though the GDPR is far from the first regulation of its kind, it is unique in the level of regulatory power that it possesses. Under the GDPR, non-compliant organisations may be fined up to 4% of global annual turnover, be subject to frequent audits, and sustain processing bans, in addition to the bad publicity associated with any type of breach.

The GDPR does not dictate the specific procedures for demonstrating compliance and therefore organisations must decide for themselves which technical and organisational measures need to established to satisfy the Regulation. Thus, many companies are struggling to develop a privacy infrastructure that can provide appropriate evidence of compliance to regulators.

“Just because you’re a large multi-national company does not mean that your privacy program is where it needs to be,” says Lisa Ruff, Senior Solutions Advisor for Nymity Inc., a global leader in privacy research and software solutions. Given that the GDPR places responsibility for compliance at every level of an organisation, consideration must be given to building privacy management into daily procedures and operations.

“The tone needs to be set from the top,” says Ruff. “The C-Suite needs to decide that this is a priority for them, this is important to them, and they need to send that messaging down through every part of the organisation. So it’s really important that you have your privacy teams communicating with every area of your business that processes data”

Backed by over 15 years of experience, Nymity supports the privacy office with research-based software solutions that help organizations meet the requirements of the GDPR. Their suite of Knowledge Solutions, Privacy Management Solutions and Privacy Office Support Solutions help organisations demonstrate compliance and accountability based on laws and regulatory developments across the world. To sign up for a free trial, visit www.nymity.com

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