UK’s first fintech degree sparks huge interest

The University of Strathclyde has been the first British university to launch a Masters degree in financial technology to help support the growing digital financial sector in Scotland.

Daniel Broby, director of the Centre for Financial Regulation and Innovation at the University of Strathclyde, said the launch represented a natural progression in the university’s curriculum. “We have a very strong engineering technology department, and in terms of our accounting and finance department, it is top-rated,” he said.

“As fintech is multi-disciplinary, we saw immediately the benefit of combining these very strong disciplines within the university,” Broby continued. “Fintech is developing rapidly. It is driving efficiency up and costs down and the digitalisation of transactions is now a cross- disciplinary science.”

The intensive 12-month programme starts in September 2017, and so far the university has seen interest from people from a number of disciplines, such as electrical engineering and science, who want to retrain for a career in finance or would like to become entrepreneurs.

The course is designed to give graduates a clear understanding of what businesses need and fast-track them into successful careers in the finance sector. The two core technologies taught in the course are blockchain and distributed ledgers – systems that stores a permanent record of a transaction and shared among computers all around the world instead of one central database.

Broby also confirmed that the course would be expanded if the Master’s course took off. “If the Master’s course is successful then it will be pushed down to educational qualifications lower down such as Bachelor’s [qualifications],” he said.

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