Technology / 5G Network Research Engineer

5G Network Research Engineer

Have you invested in the internet of things? Are you following fresh technology trends like artificial intelligence and big data? Your systems and devices will communicate with each other, sending terabytes of data back and forth. 5G, which will be prevalent by 2020, is the next stage in seamless connectivity. On your team you need a…

A 5G network research engineer provides development and guidance on specific 5G architecture. They help you define new business models and products for future technologies, so they should be able to communicate complex technology.

Their skillset requirements should include…

  • Knowledge of programming languages such as C, Python, Java
  • An understanding of LTE, C-RAN, mesh networks, NFV, SDN, SON, cloud systems, cognitive networking, services architectures, future internet and 5G-related topics
  • High-level language software development skills (C/C++/Java/C#) ideally with code-version control

Once they have ticked all the above, check they have:

  • Background in research, design and development of software and network controllers
  • Strong R&D (research and development) experience in communications and programming

The salary expectations are: £40,000-45,000.