Keeping up with the consumers: the retail ‘delivery experience gap’

David Grimes, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

There are three main areas of an online shopping journey; the purchase, the pick pack and the parcel. Each of those stages (from checkout, to warehouse, to doorstep) are crucial touchpoints for ensuring that that consumer becomes, and remains, a customer.

Why, then, is the delivery experience so often neglected by retailers? So much work is done to optimise search, product and upsell. But delivery is often the customer’s only crossover between digital and physical brand presence, and can be the key to conversion, reducing returns and increasing loyalty.

The truth is, there is a ‘delivery experience gap’ that retailers need to address. This is the growing space between what the customer demands and what the retailer can offer.

“Retailers really struggle to keep up and offer what it is the customer now wants.”

Customer expectation is growing at an unprecedented pace, and the systems that retailers use to manage their delivery operations just aren’t capable of keeping up. It’s not just about meeting expectations, it’s about exceeding and setting them.

The only way to do that is to have the ability to move and change the delivery proposition at pace and speed. Innovation doesn’t come from slow movers.

Customers don’t think it’s acceptable to be given limited delivery options at checkout now; they want to tell a retailer when they want their parcel, how quickly it needs to arrive, where they want it delivered to and, if their situation changes, they want to be able to reroute the delivery at the tap of a button. Those who can’t keep up are facing decreasing conversation rates, decreasing customer loyalty, declining revenue, increased returns and more failed first-time deliveries. Ultimately, bad customer delivery experience is detrimental to growth.

The thing holding most retailers back is simply the flexibility of the delivery tech they use. A high maintenance system will hinder your growth. From checkout, to warehouse, to doorstep; the retailers that win the battle to the top will be the ones that have the software to disrupt the status quo and exceed consumer expectation.

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