Who owns CX? Sales and marketing must act now

Providing a great customer experience is more important than ever but many companies fail to deliver on promises, which raises some important questions. How do you develop a customer-centric approach? How do businesses reorganise? What tools are available?

Businesses are investing in marketing, but not customer experience. Why?

Businesses must not only invest in enticing customers with promises of great CX but actually deliver. You could, for example, implement tools that enable you to more proactively offer prospects assistance – while AI is the hot topic at the moment, the human touchpoint is still the most important element. You must build an organisational culture that lives and breathes customer-centric values, and where sales, marketing and customer service can collaborate. Marketing does a great job at getting customers’ attention but the next logical step is to take ownership of the entire end-to-end customer journey.

What other tools are available to provide better customer experiences?

Social media has already blurred the lines between marketing and service departments. But it is not the only tool available to enable better customer experiences. It is now possible to monitor prospects’ web behaviour to engage them at the right time. You can pass them on to the customer service agent with the most relevant skills, providing them with useful customer insights. This personalisation of interactions will reduce frustration and abandonment by eliminating the need to change channels, therefore increasing sales conversions.

It’s 6 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than keep a current one – how does a business restructure itself to put CX first?

  1. The business needs to take insightful actions on the goldmine of data coming from the service department.
  2. You need a culture with a shared, customer-centric purpose. Does the organisation understand the promises it makes to customers on customer experience?
  3. You need joint planning to turn strategic intent into action, and you need to change the metrics of success to change employee behaviour.

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