Insurers have to take more responsibility for customer relationship

Marijan Mumdziev, Chief Executive Officer at Amodo and Gorjan Agacevic, Chief Product Officer at Amodo 

Insurers traditionally relied on their distribution partners for customer relationship. With the emergence of leading global digital companies in insurance, like Google and Amazon, local and relevant customer engagement becomes essential for market survival of traditional insurers.

Insurance is a commodity product, and it neither creates long-lasting relationship nor it enables regular touch points between an Insurance company and it's customers. In order to serve customers better, there is a need to make Insurance Products more convenient for purchase and usage. Bundling other services and products related to a more general customer need, such as car ownership, is a strategy many started to follow.

Amodo enables Insurance companies not only to CREATE new types of Insurance products based on usage and behaviour data, but also to distribute them in simple and convenient manners to the end users. Amodo platform entails hardware agnostic mobility data acquisition and a complex yet flexible scoring model, CRM functionalities for customer segmentation and individualised communication and a lot more.

Comprehensive Amodo research that shows a connection between customer engagement and driving-related risk has been recently made available for public download.


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