Advantech iHealthcare enabling intelligent hospitals in Europe

Ard Schalkwijk, Sales Manager iHealthcare, Advantech Europe

The importance of e-healthcare in hospitals in Europe is rising every year. The US government provides incentives, while there are countries with standalone projects, such as that implemented by Cambridge University Hospitals NHS foundation trust: its project was launched in 2014, and by April 2017, the use of paper records decreased by 99 per cent.

Ard Schalkwijk, Sales Manager, iHealthcare at Advantech Europe, discusses current and possible future intelligent healthcare solutions for hospitals with Business Reporter’s Alastair Greener.

We can see a rapidly aging population in Europe, putting strong pressure on healthcare systems and increasing demand for not only automated but also more secure processes within hospitals wards. The digitisation of these processes is the first step many hospitals take to make their workflow more efficient. Consequently, the administrative workload of nurses and doctors decreases, making them focus on what they do best: providing high-quality healthcare to patients.

Applications of e-healthcare include intelligent wayfinding and queuing, EHR systems, digital bedside-related processes such as blood transfusion, vital parameter registration and intelligent medication dispensing. With medical-grade point-of-care computers and medical tablets hospitals can ensure they work efficiently and are fully digital. Intelligent medication dispensing carts help nurses to dispense the correct medicine in a safe and efficient way, by eliminating paperwork and therefore reducing the risk of errors in such a patient-critical process.

All data and activities included in this process will be automatically uploaded into the EHR of the hospital. Advantech is also investing in solutions providing 4K UHD video streaming without compression so that hospitals can guarantee medical monitors show all relevant and possibly critical details for surgeons. In order to provide the best possible service and support, Advantech has a strong and dedicated European partner network. Schalkwijk sees future trends in healthcare leaning towards AI and robotic solutions.

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