If you want to win in Dragons’ Den, here is how you do it

Dock & Bay, the reinvented travel towel, won an investment of £75,000 from Deborah Meaden on Dragons’ Den.

Andy Jefferies and Ben Muller founded the company after deciding the corporate world was not for them. The pair are on a mission to grow their brand globally and inspire others to step outside their comfort zone. But in a digital age where people buy things online, Jefferies thinks a big part of the retail challenge is an increasing lack of face-to-face time with the customer to understand why they like or dislike a product. “Start with the small things and really get behind them… it gives you something to grip onto and get excited about because you can so lost in the bigger picture early on”

Jefferies talks to Business Reporter about the highs and lows of starting a company, and how in the era of online retail businesses could be in danger of losing the personal touch. “If you are not willing to put your own money behind it, then you don’t believe in it enough”

Originally published in BR Online • July 2018


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