AI and Automation

giant futuristic robot looking at woman on its hand in apocalyptic city, digital art style, illustration painting

by Andras Rac


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Slaves, chess machines, the death of capitalism and a status report on how wrong you really are.


During the premiere of his early film, Piranha II, young director James Cameron fell ill. Later that evening he had a fevered nightmare which featured a knife-wielding cyborg staring him in the face.


Three years later, Cameron’s breakout film The Terminator, starring Austrian bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger as an unstoppable time-travelling cyborg assassin, opened to rave reviews.


The film’s enduring appeal is down to the modern human fear of being overwhelmed by our own hubristic creations. Humans stole the fire of the gods, and ate of the forbidden fruit of knowledge, after all, so why would robots not pull the same trick on their own creators? Will our smart toasters eventually become so smart they will rise up against us?


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