The art of instant data delivery

Manish Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer, Redis Labs

The pace of technology continues at an amazing rate, but must evolve still ever faster to meet the demands and needs of the average consumer every day.  Customers’ expectations of what they need, when they need it and how they need it are moving at a phenomenal pace. We are at a time in our evolution where instantaneousness is everything.

This means that when we ask for information when we’re trying to execute a transaction or when we’re trying to decide, we need the data now! To meet that need, every business must ensure that its systems, processes and technologies are built to deliver on that expectation.

Statistics suggest that interactions are becoming hyper-personal. In other words, what you see on your screen correlates directly to your persona, to your behaviour or your expected or anticipated need? It will be achieved because of all the data that is being collected, it will be sifted through and analysed by machine-learning algorithms to add new signals every day to bring that extremely personalised experience to us. Now think about delivering that experience to millions of people on any given app. That’s the challenge faced by every business.

We now live in a database-driven world, and to us it’s the most important thing. At the end of the day, it’s about delivering the best customer experience and you can only do that when you’re able to harness and harvest the plethora of data that’s available in your system. The efficiency with which you can deal with data, the intelligence that you can apply to the data, and the speed with which you can represent and predict what you can deliver to the end customer is the difference between winning and losing

This is where in-memory databases such as Redis Enterprise come to the fore when it comes to disrupting traditional systems architecture. They reside in RAM, at the heart of where the processing happens. If you can put the data in the same space where the processing takes place, you’re able to then deal with large volumes of data at speed. The system is expected to deliver a response to requests from an app within 100 milliseconds, and this means the database latency must be in the sub-millisecond level. That’s what Redis Labs really focuses on: speed delivers the instant customer experience we all expect.

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