The growing trend of CBD

Suddenly everyone seems to be talking about CBD, the cannabis derivative being hailed as a new wonder food supplement.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound derived from cannabis. The compound doesn’t come with any of the “psychotropic” (brain altering) qualities associated with cannabis. But fans say that it does come with many wellness benefits.

Certainly that’s the claim made by numerous sports stars such as MMA fighter Nate Diaz and NFL star Derrik Morgan as well as celebrities including Whoopie Goldberg, Morgan Freeman, Snoop Dogg and Michael J Fox.

They are not alone. There is a growing trend for people to use CBD for a variety of reasons. And phyto-pharmaceutical company MariPharm B.V. is at the centre of this new trend.

This week I caught up with MariPharm UK’s CEO, Adam Salim, to find out more.

I started by asking Adam about the company. “MariPharm is not a start-up,” he assured me. “In fact MariPharm B.V. was founded nearly 25 years ago, back in 1995, as an organisation to ensure patients in the Netherlands who benefited from MGC (medical grade cannabis) could source 100% safe standardised products for the first time.

“Back then MariPharm B.V. sold MGC products direct to over 1500 pharmacies in the Netherlands to ensure a better quality of life for those who needed it.”

I asked Adam about MariPharm UK’s products today and he told me that the company currently offers four products to the UK market: “two 4% CBD oil products, one with a spray dispenser and one with a pipette; a moisturising 1% CBD crème; and a Cannabis Sativa L. essential oil diluted in coconut oil, which is a topical ointment for the skin.”

The difference between MariPharm products and other CBD products available on the High Street is two-fold.

First there is quality. MariPharm B.V. has over 25 years of experience in growing and producing pharmaceutical grade cannabis products and they have used that experience to create the finest quality CBD. MariPharm ensure that all their products are in line with EU regulations and contain less than 0.2 percent of psychotropic THC as is required.

Second there is traceability. Unlike many CBD products available on the High Street, MariPharm B.V. are involved with the entire process “from seed to sale,” guaranteeing the quality of the product in every bottle.

From seed to sale? MariPharm B.V. directly controls the growing of the industrial hemp used to create their CBD products. They have a unique and patented extraction process to ensure a quality product. MariPharm B.V. also handle the bottling and labelling of all their products and every single batch goes through a quality control check both in-house and via a third party in the Netherlands before it hits the market here in the UK.

So the quality is assured. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easy to develop this market. However, the regulatory environment around CBD oil and cannabis-derived products is changing.

The USA and Canada are two examples of where this is happening. In those countries it started with the parents of children with epilepsy. They felt that cannabis-based medicines were more effective for their children's epilepsy than anything that doctors could offer.

And so they travelled state to state or even to other countries where cannabis was regulated but available in order to treat their children. Some were even prepared to break the law, they believed so strongly in cannabis-based medicines.

This has made the governments in North America and around the world sit up and listen. Laws have changed as a result.

In fact it can be argued that this change has resulted in the market being taken away from the illegal groups who smuggle and sell cannabis. Now there are safe, professionally produced cannabis products, products which are regulated and analysed to be sure they contain no heavy metals or foreign substances.

And we can see the UK following the lead set in North America, with the news that from the 1st November 2018 the NHS can prescribe cannabis medicines legally.

In this new regulatory environment, MariPharm UK plan to distribute their products online and offline. “The main avenue is online as we can reach the highest number of people and the popularity of the product online is increasing. We have a number of routes to the High Street and are working with a number of distribution partners.” The products will also be available through high-end niche partners, including a well-known Harley Street clinic.

The products are a little pricier than other High Street CBD oils. But after all, they are products of exceptional quality and purity.

MariPharm has ambitious plans for the future. Being one of the oldest producers in the cannabis world they will keep on innovating. “Relying on MariPharm B.V.’s unique plant genetics we will reach out to those who need pharmaceutical grade CBD products.”

Adam is clearly passionate about the products he sells. “We set the standard for quality” he says. “We are simply the best. Our aim is to provide safe and quality CBD products.” Expect to see MariPharm’s CBD oils and creams in a High Street retailer near you very soon.

MariPharm UK is the trading name of UK CBD Distribution Ltd who are exclusive distributors in the UK of MariPharm B.V. products.


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