How can companies improve employee collaboration and stay competitive?

Lieven Bertier, Barco ClickShare

Three years from now, a third of all companies will rely on digital collaboration as their number one competitive asset, according to a recent report on the digital workplace from Gartner. We are living in a knowledge economy, and for many companies, the way employees work together is becoming their business’s number one driver of productivity and profitability. Collaboration is vital for every business to survive and thrive: failing to collaborate risks harming the competitive edge.

Recent research suggests that Fortune 1,000 companies could lose up to $75billion in revenue if they fail to collaborate effectively. Barco interviewed 3,000 office workers globally and found they spent, on average, 48 minutes in a meeting, and have 10 meetings per week. That adds up to one day per week in meetings. About half of all respondents interviewed felt unclear about what they were trying to achieve in those meetings, and uncertain why they had to be there. Half of meetings were considered by workers to be a waste of time, which equates to around half a day per week wasted in pointless meetings.

For companies looking to transform their meeting culture and improve productivity, there are four factors to consider: who is in the meeting, the bring-your-own-device trend (BYOD), device security, and the user experience. A meeting with external guests, for example, presents some complex challenges. The rise of the BYOD trend also means that external guests now often bring their own devices to meetings, and expect to collaborate using their own tools and applications. This poses security risks, because multiple personal devices on a company network can undermine it, making it difficult for IT departments to keep secure.

The final factor – user experience – is of particular importance. Companies must ensure a unique, efficient and above all seamless user experience, as neither employees or guests have time to read manuals and undertake training. Simple, easy-to-use meeting room technology is the key to streamlined, successful meetings. Businesses want technology solutions that require zero learning and minimal IT support, so employees of all levels and technical abilities can use it – without calling in the tech support cavalry.

Barco’s ClickShare is a wireless presentation system that provides this collaborative solution for businesses. ClickShare has been installed in more than half a million meeting rooms globally, to improve employee’s collaboration and productivity and help companies to maintain their competitive edge.

Improve meeting room collaboration and productivity with Barco ClickShare.


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