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What is New Retail and why is it relevant to your stores?

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Are your customers in stores still find it difficult to find the products they want to purchase?


Do you have solutions to speed up the long queue in front of the cashier?


Are you looking for interesting ideas to keep customers in your stores?


How can you reverse the impact e-commerce has brought to your stores?


The smart store solutions of Hanshow Technology can solve all these issues your stores are facing, with the help of omni-channel retail, or New Retail. There are three key features to New Retail: online and offline stores which are highly integrated, increasing customer buying experiences and both stores and consumers becoming more effective.


In this New Retail era, we see more and more capital and technologies coming into the retail industry. Innovation in retail is mainly driven by technology, and New Retail is driven by three core technologies: smart hardware such as electronic shelf labels, self-checkouts and smart shopping carts, AI technologies such as Shelf Watch, and big data technologies such as customer buying behavior analysis, smart pricing and precision marketing solutions.


As a global leading provider of ESL and smart store solutions, Hanshow has a strong track record in independent R&D, software and hardware integration and resource integration covering the entire industry. The company was founded in 2011, with nine office locations worldwide, mainly serving traditional retail, new retail, pharmacies, department stores and fashion, medicare, culture and the entertainment industries. With the diversified development of the retail sector, Hanshow helps clients to build up their core competencies with smart store solutions and services. Hanshow serves over 3,000 stores in more than 30 countries and regions with its ESL and smart store solutions.


These smart store solutions help retailers attract more online consumers by integrating online platform with offline stores and increase the work efficiency by optimising the store management processes and create more tools for increasing profits.


It is time to upgrade your stores!


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