Ankur Bhan, Head of WING Business Line, Nokia

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Nokia WING enables seamless global IoT services

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Nokia WING provides a global IoT infrastructure as a service, enabling operators to offer enterprise customers low-latency global data collection, security and 24/7 connectivity monitoring on a global scale. WING enables operators to provide a service level agreement to their enterprise clients across multiple mobile network operator networks, something that is impossible with today’s roaming approach.


By contracting with a WING operator for its global services, multinational enterprises – such as connected car manufacturers or shipping/logistics firms – are no longer faced with the complexity and cost of managing IoT connectivity across multiple networks. Instead, they can rely on their local operator with whom they already have a business relationship to provide seamless IoT services worldwide.


This is increasingly important for enterprises because even a small improvement in the ability to monitor and manage assets as they are in operation on their network or across the globe can have huge financial benefits. Some examples include:


  • Motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson used IoT to connect key devices and processes in its manufacturing operations in the US, eliminating $200million in cost per year along with reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Overall, this grew their profitability by 3 per cent to 4 per cent.
  • The pharmaceutical industry loses $15billion annually from cold chain logistics failures, due in part to the fact that 20 of the 50 top-selling drugs require exact cooling levels to be maintained.


Deliver on the promise of truly scalable, real-time global IoT with Nokia WING

To see Nokia WING in action for yourself, please visit Nokia at the Hannover Messe (Hall 6, Stand H10) from April 1st – April 5th

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