Matt Phillips, VP, Head of Financial Services, Diebold Nixdorf UK/I and Alex Park, Director of Digital, Metro Bank

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Embracing the disruption of digital to stay ahead of the curve

From having a virtual financial advisor on your mobile device to completing cross-channel transactions, creating frictionless connections that are contextualised and personalised for the end consumer is the future.


As the industry continues to go through a substantial period of change, the realms of possibility are becoming almost endless. Intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) are breaking the mould of traditional services and inspiring an unprecedented openness across many sectors.


Mobile technology has also been hugely disruptive across many sectors, and the financial services industry is no exception. Digital has become wholly relevant across all customer journeys, and the challenge for many high street banks is breaking down legacy silos and adapting at the speed the consumer expects.


The race to remain relevant has never been more competitive and the future requires a new way of thinking.


All focus should now be on the consumer. The financial services industry has reached a pivotal point where becoming integrated within the customer’s daily life, and adding real value to each interaction, is essential.


Embracing this evolution of technology and services is the only way to become an intelligent and competitive bank of tomorrow, and in the age of digital banking, adopting a flexible and agile platform is crucial for optimising and delivering the services consumers not only want, but also truly demand.


In order to achieve this, connectivity should lie at the heart of every eco-system. Whether it’s aggregating customer data, creating a cross-channel solution with a retailer or partnering with a fintech, the circular flow of information and intelligence will ensure a truly seamless experience.



How do you survive in today’s increasingly connected financial services world? Find out more here.

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