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AI for enterprise applications: new report published

From manufacturing to utilities, via retail and logistics, AI has begun to permeate a number of key industries, providing advanced insight and increased opportunities to streamline processes, uncover new revenue streams and future-proof business.


Enterprises are clearly recognising the value associated with incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into their business processes. The number of proof-of-concept and pilot programmes continues to grow, and larger-scale commercial deployments of AI technology are being publicised by enterprise organisations around the globe. Much of the success of AI is due to the fact that most tasks currently delegated to AI technology are data-driven and therefore easily measured or benchmarked. When AI technology is deployed, even during a small pilot programme, the benefits can quickly be demonstrated and proven by looking at the performance data.


In a brand-new report, Tractica, in partnership with TechXLR8, analysed nearly 300 different enterprise AI use-cases to create its market forecast, in addition to assessing the underlying meta-technological functions being deployed in each, including vision, language and analytics. Although not every use-case may prove out, executives in almost every industry need to consider the potential impact AI will have on their respective business models, bottom lines and careers. 


Tractica projects that that annual revenue for enterprise applications of AI will increase from $3.7billion worldwide in 2017 to $80.7billion in 2025. Some of the key industry sectors already using AI include business services, government, automotive, retail and advertising. However, it is clear that AI is being adopted by a much broader range of industries, many of which use similar use cases and strategies for harnessing AI to solve specific business problems.

This Tractica report examines the practical application of AI within commercial enterprises, providing a comprehensive analysis of use cases, business models, market drivers and barriers, technology issues, and the evolving market ecosystem. Detailed market forecasts provide a quantification of the opportunity by technology sector, world region, and industry for AI software, hardware, and services. The report includes detailed profiles of 48 key industry players.


Key questions addressed:

• What are the top AI use cases that will generate commercial revenue?

• In which industries will AI be deployed?

• What underlying technologies will be utilized to enable each use case?

• What are some of the leading companies currently active in the AI space?

• What is the revenue potential for AI software, hardware, and services for each use case?


Access the free overview report here to find out which verticals are leveraging AI to best effect, by encompassing machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and more.


TechXLR8 (12-13 June 2019, ExCeL) is London Tech Week’s flagship event, revolutionising business by connecting people and technologies driving transformation.

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