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Mike Lingle, Chief Growth Officer and Salim Ismail, Co-Founder and Chairman, ExO Works

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How to stay ahead of the curve with your product development

Product development ideas are often either too brave, bordering on the unviable, or not brave enough, and only reiterating old themes.


However, if you really want to ensure your new products are future-proof, why don’t you sign your staff up for one of ExO Works’ sprints? Coaches and technology experts will help you whittle down your new product ideas to the ones that will stay fresh, even when your competitors’ have already become obsolete. 

Staying fit for survival in the long run


The race between Netflix and Blockbuster in the DVD rental arena more than ten years ago is a shining example of how thinking outside the box is the recipe for a thriving and resilient business. Blockbuster, originally in a winning position, couldn’t move away from its original business model and was eventually wound up, while Netflix – turning to streaming and creating its own content –  triumphed.


ExO Works helps businesses to become the Netflix of their industry by acting as a catalyst in their product development process.

Where to start digital transformation?


Many companies toying with the idea of transforming digitally find it hard to decide where to start the process. Salim Ismail from ExO Works suggests that the best place is at the edge. This is where you can test disruptive ideas and identify the ones with the strongest potential. Disruption then will ripple on to adjacent areas of the business.  

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