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Getting your online reputation right can cause more than a few headaches. For multi-location, enterprise-scale businesses especially, the wealth of feedback they generate online can be both invaluable and detrimental depending on whether it’s actioned and acknowledged, and in some cases this can be essential for future success.


This feedback, whether it’s across social media, specialist review sites, search engines or elsewhere, can help to empower future business decisions, identify issues which may have previously gone under the radar, and lead new customers to choose your brand over that of your competition. The benefits are clear, yet too many organisations still fail to use the free feedback their customers offer them online. Often this is because businesses lack the necessary platform and resources to monitor, respond and properly manage their online brand effectively. As a business grows, the number of places they need to manage typically grows with them, so managing it manually can become almost impossible and the need for software becomes essential. works with some of the world’s leading enterprise-level brands to help them manage and improve how they look online.’s industry-leading platform enables brands to see the complete picture when it comes to online reputation management, or ORM, by centralising the key areas a person can engage with and leave feedback for that brand, into a single dashboard. Additionally, through its many patents, is able to offer features and functionality within its platform not available anywhere else, including the Reputation Score, a real-time numerical representation of your entire online brand.


Operating since 2006, when it pioneered the ORM market, continues to lead the industry with the world’s only full turnkey solution for managing online reputation. understands the ORM space like no other business can.’s Managing Director – EMEA, Anthony Gaskell, sat down with Business Reporter’s Alastair Greener as part of BR’s Future of Retail campaign to discuss the ever-growing importance of ORM to multi-site brands.


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