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BRO: Future of Supply Chain September 2019

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How our food, clothes, medicine and consumer goods – and the different products they themselves are made from – get from A to B has always been an unglamourous-yet-crucial part of commerce. But with today’s increasingly demanding consumer base demanding customised, next-day deliveries for anything and everything, and challenges ranging from Brexit and trade wars to environmental pollution, counterfeiting and ethical sourcing, the supply chain has been increasingly thrust to the centre of the debate.

So how can this overlooked yet crucial sector rise to new and growing challenges? Can technological approaches such as machine learning and AI help take the strain for our increasingly last-minute supply chain? And what will this digitalisation mean when it comes to upskilling employees to cope with new approaches? Amid all the change, one thing’s certain – supply chains are at the forefront of business strategy like never before.

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