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Statistically speaking, fewer than 20 per cent of all start-up businesses will fail. Fluctuating cashflow, lack of sales and poor connections are substantial factors, as well as the fact that some people in business are not necessarily “business people”. They might be great at what they do, but not so proficient or interested in other aspects of running a successful operation, so enlisting a helping hand that provides a sales and marketing instrument and guarantees new customers is essential.


But what if you could effectively decrease the cost of buying items by up to 85 per cent with a device that connects you to thousands of like-minded entrepreneurial business owners who all want the same result – to grow their business,  gain a better lifestyle from running it, or sell it for more?


BBX is a large business owner community operating primarily in south-east Asia and Australasia but also with a presence in the Americas and Europe.


Acting as a third-party record keeper, BBX markets the spare capacity elements of a business. For instance, when a hotel with an otherwise unsold room sells this to another customer in the community (let’s say, a dentist), the hotel’s BBX trade credit account is credited and the dentist’s is debited. The hotel has turned an empty room into trade credits that can be spent with any other business in the community.


The dentist, meanwhile, has booked a hotel room for a competitive rate he wouldn’t have received otherwise. Subsequently, he books a new customer from the community into one of his own vacant time slots, likewise turning his spare capacity into new customers, and saving cash flow.


It’s a great way for businesses to save money by using their spare capacity, that would otherwise be wasted, as currency to exchange for services they might need from someone else in a similar situation. Our empty hotel room really only costs as much as the soap and shampoo in the bathroom, and the bacon and eggs for breakfast – and that saving is passed on to BBX members.


Joining BBX is great way to find and partner with new suppliers, gain new customers, improve your cash flow, and turn your spare capacity into increased turnover. BBX charges a one-off account set-up fee, and we’re so sure you’ll save money that if you don’t make the fee back in 12 months, we’ll refund it in full. For each year after that, you’ll pay the regular yearly access fee.

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