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Business like clockwork: content services from KYOCERA

Every organisation has processes that will affect the experience of the customer. As technology advances, the needs of these customers progress with it, and there is an expectation of organisations to constantly evolve with the customer to satisfy these needs.


In short, content services is about removing manual processes, replacing them with a streamlined digitised workflow that integrates into other systems, such as CRM or enterprise resource planning (ERP). This saves both time and money, allowing for a more efficient allocation of resources and removing low-value tasks from business processes. Instead, employees can dedicate their efforts to more complex tasks, rather than performing tasks that could easily be automated.


Any organisation that offers a service should be considering its current process and how it can take this from being slow, manual and potentially paper-based to a centralised and streamlined service that benefits the customer’s experience and improves efficiency. It’s typically the fastest-moving organisations that are the ones that automate the processes offering little or no value internally or to the customer, and instead focus on putting that manual effort to innovation and/or service.


Understanding where your organisation is today and getting a clear view on your internal processes and information structure is key to determine what your problem areas are, and where you need to improve. But confronting the skeletons in your own closet can be tricky.


One of the most common barriers is not knowing where to begin. The quick answer to that is to start small and to start somewhere. It’s common to contain it to one department and then move onto the next. A good place to start is the accounts receivable function. A growing organisation will reach a point where it can no longer handle the volume of billing it’s servicing. Rather than hiring new employees to do low-value, admin-intensive tasks, today’s digital content services can easily scale up and remain agile by automating these processes, empowering employees to perform more valuable tasks such as customer service. Digitising paper inputs in this process enables faster payment processing and eliminates human error, so the customer gets a more accurate and consistent service.


Content services offer fast return on investment while providing effective long-term solutions to real business process problems. By fixing the most pressing process issues quickly, then taking the same approach across the rest of the business, organisations can be transformed into modern, paper-light and agile organisations that run like clockwork.

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