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BRO: UK2030 October 2019

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The UK economy is going through a phase of unprecedented disruption and transformation. Not only are businesses facing a great deal of uncertainty due to challenges such as Brexit, but technological advances and changes in working culture are changing the shape of British businesses for the foreseeable future.

Industry 4.0 may seem like just another corporate buzzword, but the growing role of technologies such as IoT, AI, machine learning and blockchain cannot be ignored. To further compound this, corporate social responsibility could not be more pertinent:  wastage, diversity and inclusion, clean energy, and carbon emissions are never far from headlines. But far from being a regulatory box-ticking exercise, businesses can look to CSR as a strategic opportunity.

Businesses must now be prepared to navigate through a storm of disruption. In this report, we look at how challenges we face now will shape the business of the future. And we ask, what steps and investments a business can take now, in order to safeguard themselves in the years to come.

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