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Samir Bounab, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Witekio.

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A world-class software expert for complex IoT device projects

The IoT trend has made software the cornerstone of countless innovative projects. It first started to affect B2C areas and is now spreading into the B2B markets and complex industrial contexts. Adding intelligence into devices is a great opportunity to also add value. Software now impacts many non-specialist companies which master their innovation processes but not their software projects.

Witekio’s added value is in bringing a global software system vision to the table. It boasts the ability to manage global software projects for its customers, and also has in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technologies.

Passionately dedicated to embedded software and IoT

Witekio has been dedicated to embedded software for 17 years. The company was formerly known as Adeneo Embedded, a low-level software expert with worldwide recognition for board support package development. At this time software was considered an expert’s business, but with the emergence of the IoT trend the company’s management team anticipated that software would “get out of the ghetto” and become key to many innovations and affect all markets.


When traditional industrial companies need to innovate, including intelligence and IoT scenarios, they need a co-pilot to take care of the software elements of their project with a global software system vision and know-how. Adeneo Embedded accompanied that change by progressively evolving from a software expert to a software system expert, designing and engineering complete embedded and IoT software systems for companies all around the world. The company changed its name to Witekio in 2016 to complete that transformation.

Helping customers in all stages of development

Witekio brings world-class and widely recognised technical expertise covering both low (OS, driver, firmware) and high-level software (application, connectivity, cloud). Combined with a wealth of knowledge from a variety of projects and specific markets this allows the best choices in technologies and architecture to be made to ensure the best performance and security. Witekio provides custom services for software development, integration, design, support and training.


Witekio applies its rich experience to a wide range of embedded solutions for the automotive, handheld, industrial, medical, mobile and wireless markets, while working closely with industry-leading silicon and software vendors, and its passionate teams based in Europe and the US. The company helps its customers in all stages of development to enable the success of their projects and maximise their efficiency.

Leading the global software integration of connected systems

Witekio assists industrial clients from all sectors around the globe, such as SoloProtect, SatMap, L’Oréal, Precor, Cerevast, Datalogic and Evoca, in the design and development of their innovative embedded IoT systems. Witekio’s skillset spreads from the hardware to the cloud, from UX design and system architecture to the development and integration of the full software stack. The company’s experts bring their knowledge into innovation projects to anticipate all crucial aspects such as real-time performance, power consumption, security, system update, connectivity and more.


The detailed knowledge of smart embedded and IoT systems, their software architectures and ambitious project contexts enables Witekio to play a leading role in the global software integration of connected systems. The company’s unique mastery of lower layers and hardware compatibility, essential for high-performance systems, coupled with its expertise in applications and interconnectivity, are a great asset to meet the challenges of today’s connected ecosystems.


This is why Witekio was acquired by Avnet late 2019. As part of the Avnet family, Witekio provides an unparalleled end-to-end ecosystem for IoT product development. Together with Avnet, Witekio aims to design, make and deliver high-quality technology solutions in every corner of the world.

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