Markus Knigin, Head of Department – Secure Provisioning and Jessica Håkansson, Sr. Business Development Manager, Sony Network Communications Europe

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How access management software makes your electronic locks even smarter

Employees turning into contortionists to use their lanyard keycard to bundle their way through a security gate are a familiar scene at many workplaces. However, convenience is just one of the reasons why existing access control methods are due for an upgrade. With secured areas out-of-bounds for staff without the necessary authorisation, multi-level policies for access to premises, heavy visitor traffic and high staff turnover, physical access control can be both complex and challenging.


But now, with the help of an IoT-based platform that enables the remote management of access rights, organisations can cut through this complexity. There is no longer any need for face-to-face meetings between the on-site administrator and the employee or the visitor for key provisioning to take place. Instead, virtual keys can be sent to an app on a connected device or a wearable over-the-air – and access rights can be prolonged, adjusted or revoked as needed.


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The Criotive secure provisioning platform, developed and offered by Sony Network Communications Europe, ranges from a simple plug-and-play service for single storage cabinets to customised integration plans for multiple buildings. Designed in collaboration with clients, Criotive can be implemented on top of legacy electronic lock systems without the need for any new hardware investments.


Data security is becoming an increasingly important differentiator among IoT offerings. Sony’s solution meets high security standards, thanks to the encrypted channel through which access rights are sent using NFC (near-field communication) and BLE (Bluetooth low energy) technologies. Criotive works wherever there is mobile phone or wi-fi reception – which is almost everywhere these days!

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