AI and automation

Are robots friend or foe? Will they lead us to lose our jobs, or is this an opportunity to replace repetitive, boring tasks with a more creative working life for all?

Technology is changing the way we work – how prepared is your company?

Slaves, chess machines, the death of capitalism and a status report on how wrong you really are.

Humanising technology is the future

As we embark on a journey soon to be dominated by artificial intelligence, the human-machine narrative persists, with the added debate about the need for AI to free up our time and focus on what being human really means.
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Xpertnest: artificial intelligence and disruption ahead!

In the field of computer science and information technology, the term artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability to endow machines with an intelligence/problem-solving capability or analytical reasoning independent of direct control from an external operator, similar to the usual notion of intellect demonstrated by humans and other living beings.
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