Best of British Business

The UK business community is busy guessing what 2019 will bring. Whether we should prepare for a hard Brexit, a soft divorce from the EU, or even a second referendum, is still – remarkably – being negotiated. But while the heated debates behind doors and in public continue to rumble on, British businesses are getting on with trying to ensure a better, safer and richer future.

Jaguar Land Rover is making a multi-million pound investment to build electric vehicles in Britain, in a major boost for the UK government and a sector hit by the slump in diesel sales and Brexit uncertainty.

British online fashion group Boohoo bucked a tough retail market with robust sales growth in its latest quarter as its offer of cheap clothing, delivered quickly, chimed with shoppers.

Why small business thrives again on the British seaside

How a small UK enterprise with a background in academic R&D found its way in China.

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