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Europe’s money laundering scandal

Author: webeditor

Strict regulations, international collaboration and the deployment of the most sophisticated technologies to support the financial authorities do not scare fraudsters and criminals. They will keep on trying to play the system. Thomson Reuters has reported on one of the biggest fiascoes.

Can blockchain leave its dark past behind?

Author: webeditor

Ten years after its inception, blockchain is on the verge of developing into a fully-fledged payments technology that will facilitate a second wave of digitalisation. Although it was originally a decentralised electronic currency designed to bypass a dysfunctional banking system,... Read more

The shifting frontlines of investment management

Author: webeditor

Quants are turning out to be the false friends of human active managers. Quants, or quantitative investment strategies (QIS), which use technology and formulas to automate the investment process, were originally seen by traditional active managers as a means of... Read more

A stellar year for the UK fintech sector

Author: webeditor

According to KPMG, in the first six months of 2018 UK firms brought in £12.3billion worth of investment, leading the way in Europe and outshooting the US for the first time. The UK had four of the top 10 fintech... Read more

In pursuit of happiness – the future of insurance!

Author: webeditor

I firmly believe that the future of insurance broking is bright. However, that is not to say that we should carry on doing what we’ve always done – the world, customers, and technology are changing and changing fast, and our sector needs to reflect this.

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