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State cyber-attack poses big danger for UK banks – Bank of England

Author: webeditor

  Source:  by David Milliken for Thomson Reuters, June 16   A state-backed cyber–attack could secretly corrupt the records of British financial institutions over a period of months, posing a risk that banks would probably struggle to guard against on their own, a senior Bank of England policymaker said.... Read more

Digital IDs said to boost economies, but privacy is at risk

Author: webeditor

Source: by Umberto Bacchi  for Thomson Reuters Foundation, January 23   Developing countries swapping paper documents for digital identification systems could see their economies grow up to 13 percent by 2030, researchers said on Wednesday in the first study to... Read more

Europe’s money laundering scandal

Author: webeditor

Strict regulations, international collaboration and the deployment of the most sophisticated technologies to support the financial authorities do not scare fraudsters and criminals. They will keep on trying to play the system. Thomson Reuters has reported on one of the biggest fiascoes.

Can blockchain leave its dark past behind?

Author: webeditor

Ten years after its inception, blockchain is on the verge of developing into a fully-fledged payments technology that will facilitate a second wave of digitalisation. Although it was originally a decentralised electronic currency designed to bypass a dysfunctional banking system,... Read more

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