Category: Finance

UK fintech comes of age

Author: webeditor

Financial technology is disrupting financial services firms throughout the world, transforming the way we transfer, borrow, protect and manage our money. The UK is at the heart of the fintech revolution changing the face of financial services across the globe,... Read more

Getting open banking right for customers and competition

Author: webeditor

Open banking has great potential for social and customer benefits, but it needs refinement in how it’s implemented In the new digital economy, products and services are based on data like never before. New technologies have exponentially increased the capabilities... Read more

Cash or card – what is your currency of convenience?

Author: webeditor

The payment experience is changing for all of us, irrespective of our demographic or geography. We can now pay by card, cash, phone, e-wallets, apps, barcodes, smart watches and soon even with our sunglasses. Consumers have traditionally worried about the... Read more

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