Category: Future of Supply Chain

IoT and the supply chain revolution

Author: webeditor

The digital age has seen many new entries our everyday vernacular, from “world wide web” to “quantum computing”, from “big data” to “omni-channel”, and where one man’s “pivot” is another’s “disruption”.

A new e-voting solution on blockchain

Author: webeditor

The Apla X-Reg e-voting solution helps public and private companies, partnerships, fund administrators and others to improve the efficiency and transparency of their internal decision-making workflows and the engagement practices of investors and shareholders.

Eradicating forced labour in supply chains

Author: webeditor

As supply chains become increasingly complex and interconnected, the risk of modern-day slavery being present within these global networks continues to escalate.

Pulling out all the stops

Author: webeditor

Procurement, whether direct, relating to the core business of a company, or indirect, responsible for acquiring everything else an enterprise needs for its operation, is a complex, multi-step process.

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