Category: Industry View

Building a bank the world loves to use

Author: webeditor

The world is undergoing a digital transformation, and the move to mobile has triggered a shift in the way customers interact with everyday products and services.

Pioneering the modern era of property management

Author: webeditor

After experiencing the pain of managing property and tenants using old desktop software, spreadsheets and emails, Tom Wallace decided to reinvent the approach to commercial property management – and Re-Leased was born.

SearchFlow: evolving the customer experience

Author: webeditor

If you’ve ever bought a property, you’ll understand just how complex the process can be. The government has, however, pledged to improve the way transactions are handled, and there is a lot of work happening behind the scenes in the industry to make this a reality.

The power of great retail places

Author: webeditor

Once upon a time, the marketplace was the centre of commerce. Traders brought their wares to the centre of town.

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