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Brexit readiness and opportunity

Author: webeditor

As of November 2018, almost two-thirds of firms had failed to complete a Brexit risk assessment. The reality for most businesses, from FTSE 100 juggernauts to UK SMEs, is that preparation for what happens beyond 29 March has taken a back seat to more immediate concerns.

Nokia WING enables seamless global IoT services

Author: webeditor

Nokia WING provides a global IoT infrastructure as a service, enabling operators to offer enterprise customers low-latency global data collection, security and 24/7 connectivity monitoring on a global scale.

Connected retail: analytics in the age of sharing

Author: webeditor

New tools and practices are redefining retail, but as technology advances and the pool of data available expands, the goal is not to remove humans from the equation but to empower them.

Designing the workplaces of the future

Author: webeditor

Best of British Business Area Industry View from Designing the workplaces of the future Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin In a four-part series, experts from Area, the UK and Europe’s leading workplace design and fit-out... Read more

It’s time to fight back against the FX rip-off

Author: webeditor

The business and retail foreign exchange market is an oligopoly designed to fleece the customer for as much as it can in several ways, with large bid/offer spreads (the difference between the rates they will buy or sell currencies) and opaque fees and charges.

Why last-mile delivery can set retailers apart

Author: webeditor

Retailers have taken a hit this year, with sales falling, and even giants such as Apple recording a slowdown in sales. The challenges that they are faced with means the high street has to innovate quicker than ever.

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