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The fast lane to boost customer experience

Author: webeditor

It has been widely reported that we are now operating in the “expectation economy”. What was considered exceptional service only a few years ago has now become standard, and the bar keeps getting raised.

Automation is the key to rapid transformation

Author: webeditor

Many business users are embracing the benefits of a mobile digital workplace, as it gives them the flexibility to support a rapidly changing work environment with secure access to user data and apps anywhere, any time and on any device.

Meeting the challenges of the European debt market

Author: webeditor

The past 20 years have been an incredible ride, growing and positioning QUALCO as a technology leader in the debt management industry, closing new partnerships and working on expanding the company to new markets. In this interview, Miltos Georgantzis, CEO and founding partner of QUALCO, gives the answers to questions about the situation in the European debt market.

Ask the expert…

Author: webeditor

March 2020 Industry View Ask the expert… Hot-button questions answered by the industry’s thought leaders   Debbie DoreChief executiveAssociation for Project Management What are the biggest recent changes to the project management sector?   The expectations of people commissioning projects... Read more

What professionalism means for project managers in a new decade

Author: webeditor

As the world transforms at unprec- edented speed, business leaders are looking for the skills necessary to deliver change effectively. Professional- ism, which was once seen as a “nice-to-have”, is now an essential part of the project practitioner’s strategic toolkit.

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