Category: Management

The American View: Your Paper, Please

Author: Keil Hubert

People often have odd reasons for their office behaviour. Security investigators need to be aware that their enthusiasm to catch a miscreant might cause them to assume ill intent where there’s no conscious intent at all.   People usually have... Read more

The American View: The New Hire’s Lament

Author: Keil Hubert

The notion that businesses have flawless, optimised processes for bringing new employees aboard is more an aspiration goal than a statement of fact. New entrants to the workforce are often shocked to discover that even enterprise-tier organisations don’t seem to... Read more

The American View: The Tell-Tale Heart

Author: Keil Hubert

To effectively solve a problem, you first have to accurately define the problem. Lots of business leaders don’t appreciate just how difficult it can be to correctly diagnose technical problems or security incidents in an enterprise-grade network. I survived a... Read more

The American View: Doesn’t Work for Me

Author: Keil Hubert

Vapid training is often worse than not training at all, especially when it comes to management and leadership skills. So, why do companies keep hiring ineffective and substance-free trainers to waste their workers’ time? Probably because the boss’s impression of... Read more

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