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The American View: Shirking from Home

Author: Keil Hubert

Working from home is likely Business Reporter’s resident American ‘blogger’s favourite perqs. It’s liberating, making everything more productive and less stressful. It’s also stressful in its own right thanks to poor workers who made the entire WFH programme synonymous with... Read more

The American View: The Sinister Secret of “Stud Planet”

Author: Keil Hubert

Qualification fraud is rampant. People falsely claim to hold degrees and certifications, even to have published content, just to be considered for competitive opportunities. Why people do this isn’t in question; what fascinates Business Reporter’s resident American ‘blogger is why... Read more

The American View: Christmas Miracles (in the Cubicle Farm)

Author: Keil Hubert

Christmas has come and gone and annual bonus pay-out season is upon us. Business Reporter’s resident American ‘blogger relates how thwarted expectations for both events can make a person bitter, dejected, and permanently cynical. Another year is behind us. My... Read more

The gender pay gap in 2019: still work in progress

Author: webeditor

The gender pay gap is still well and truly with us: Skilled agricultural workers (senior farmers and landscape designers) were the only employees to have closed the gender pay gap for their sector in 2019 The remaining 25 industries analysed,... Read more

Break the class ceiling to deliver equal opportunities

Author: webeditor

Talented employees from working class and underprivileged backgrounds still fail to get top jobs and achieve the early promotions that help them realise their earning potential – and ultimately, help the UK achieve better social mobility. To smash this ‘class... Read more

The American View: Breakfast in Utopia

Author: Keil Hubert

Motivational speakers and leadership coaches exhort workers to pull together for the ‘common good.’ In reality, workers have pragmatic reasons to adopt tribal alliances inside their organisation. Realists must recognise and deal with this if they want to manage interdepartmental... Read more

Making inclusion the everyday

Author: webeditor

Business Reporter guest blogger Nick Matthews calls for UK business to update approaches to diversity and inclusion Is your organisation’s diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy more about keeping on the right side of legislation than equality? Is your management team... Read more

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