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Public safety, social innovation, cyber security

The future of public safety

Author: webeditor

Among the top priorities for any democratic government is security of the people and the resources that underpin a society, whether they be infrastructure, businesses or the economy. The nature of the threats facing our societies has evolved greatly over... Read more

smart cities, cyber security, infrastructure, internet of things, data

Living in smart cities

Author: webeditor

There is a reason for the rapid urbanisation of the world’s population: cities are economic powerhouses where people go to live more stable lives. Employment opportunities are higher in the city than in the countryside. And mobility and access to vital... Read more

What is Social Innovation?

Author: webeditor

Social Innovation is the development of new and effective solutions to social problems, for the good of society as a whole. The rapid growth of the world’s population has been an inevitable outcome of advancements in technology and wellbeing. People are living... Read more

The Social Innovation process

Author: webeditor

New thinking is needed to meet the growing challenges that people and society face. Businesses need to respond and adapt to the demands of a changing world in such a way that they can benefit society as a whole. To... Read more

Driving Social Innovation

Author: webeditor

Social Innovation is a highly effective strategy for any organisation that wants to operate in a sustainable manner. But what is driving the need for Social Innovation? It is largely driven by three types of change: social change, environmental change... Read more

Sustainability and Social Innovation

Author: webeditor

Sustainability and Social Innovation are inextricably linked. Businesses that embrace and focus on Social Innovation are inherently delivering more sustainable outcomes for both themselves and society. Let’s start by defining what these two terms mean. Sustainability Sustainability is, slightly paradoxically,... Read more

Infographic: “Sustainable business”

Author: webeditor

Most businesses accept that sustainability is very important. It’s a complex area but sustainable businesses generally have a particular set of characteristics. Naturally enough, those characteristics require some investment in time and resource. But there are lots of reasons for... Read more

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