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A reskilling reality check

Author: webeditor

New technologies such as the internet of things, artificial intelligence, robotics and 5G are emerging at such a furious clip your planning likely feels obsolete before you have a chance to gain alignment.

A new e-voting solution on blockchain

Author: webeditor

The Apla X-Reg e-voting solution helps public and private companies, partnerships, fund administrators and others to improve the efficiency and transparency of their internal decision-making workflows and the engagement practices of investors and shareholders.

Making the mix work

Author: webeditor

In a world where everyone can be anyone, does your workplace accept you for you?

MasterClass Series Summary

Author: webeditor

In relation to this series, focused on balancing customer acquisition, service and fraud management in high value complex services, we have discussed problems, solution functionalities and platforms, overcoming challenges, the internal dialogue and ROI.

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