The Future of Insurance

This annual series examines the insurance industry in three parts and how it is set to change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last 100. We address some of the difficult questions facing the industry and look at the possible outcomes.

Stakeholders of the insurance industry should take advantage of the calm before a potentially bigger cyber-crime storm to get their act together.

What happens to insurers in a society where people only buy things as a service. In this podcast, Business Reporter investigates the implications for insurers…

Subscribe to a new type of insurance

Subscription services have given us new ways to watch films, go shopping and even drive cars – but how we protect ourselves from risk hasn’t changed in 200 years…

In pursuit of happiness – the future of insurance!

I firmly believe that the future of insurance broking is bright. However, that is not to say that we should carry on doing what we’ve always done – the world, customers, and technology are changing and changing fast, and our sector needs to reflect this.

How can incumbents ensure that they single out the ideal insurtech partner?

Can American peer-to-peer insurer Lemonade bring a new type of insurance to Europe?

Harnessing technology to transform the insurance industry

MGAM Ltd is one of the fastest-growing managing general agents in the London insurance market, providing underwriting services to carriers, using the latest insurance technology solutions, to manage and process coverholder and binder business, data and back-office services particularly suited to high-volume, low-cost business.
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