Future of Supply Chain

This is the age of consumerism, global trade and the fight for transparency about the resources that companies are using. In this issue of the Business Reporter we are exploring how data sharing offers more visibility to organisations; what blockchain can do for your operations; our experts explain what the ‘digitisation influx’ means; and we offer a 12-session Business Masterclass on how to bring a step change to your supply chain.

Supply chains provide the backbone of an economy, and it is interesting to see that the current uncertainty in the UK about Brexit has highlighted the importance of having integrated, time-sensitive supply chains.

Continued supply chain globalisation and its related complexities have all but consumed supply chain decision-makers as they look to meet marketplace demands. Now perhaps an even bigger challenge lies ahead as companies look to prepare for the supply chain of the future.


TEKLYNX Global Marketing Director Jenna Wagner details strategic imperatives for future-proofing your organisation’s supply chain.

Ever wondered what goes into the making of everyday electronic goods? It might not be what you think.

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