The Future of Work

In this edition of Business Reporter, we take a look at how to bridge the talent gap in a post-Brexit world, why emotions are important in the workplace and how tech is a game changer for companies.

Alexa was eight when she discovered video games, from racing, solving puzzles and playing out fantasies in virtual worlds.


But as a girl gamer, she was sometimes the odd one out among her peers.

A 16-inch tall robot-recruiternamed Tengai could be thefuture of job interviews. Tengai is programmed to conduct every interview the exact same way.

The freelance future

The nature and role of the freelance workforce has changed enormously in recent years, often in ways that have not been clearly communicated and are not especially well known.
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Global technology giant SAP is the latest big company to endorse British firms that aim to do good, as more consumers drive businesses to prove their social and environmental credentials.

A reskilling reality check

New technologies such as the internet of things, artificial intelligence, robotics and 5G are emerging at such a furious clip your planning likely feels obsolete before you have a chance to gain alignment.
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