Human Capital

Ask 100 CEOs to describe their perfect staff, and they’ll conjure up some very different images, as the definition of perfection will of course vary according to the industry or organisation. But all will surely agree that an ideal workforce is one that isn’t hampered by illness, lethargy or dull and repetitive work.



Different generations, different tribes

“Good mental health in the workplace is fundamental to business success” – a statement highlighted at the inaugural Mad World Summit held this year to coincide with World Mental Health Day 2018.

It is measurable, tangible and misinterpreted – but what can we learn from it?

The new leaders

Give a million monkeys a million type writers, and eventually they’ll all produce a different, but valid, theory of leadership.
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Wellbeing in the workplace

We are seeing a huge change in the way people work, but an integral part of this shift must be to make sure that people’s wellbeing is at the centre of the future of all business.
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Diversity: what comes next?

In the last few years we’ve seen #MeToo, the centenary of voting rights for UK women, a female prime minister and discussions about the gender pay gap. The dial is turning – but what happens now?
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