Category: AI and Automation 2019

See the technology that is reshaping warehousing at IMHX

Author: webeditor

The relentless rise of e-commerce is forcing retailers and logistics operators to adapt their facilities to keep pace with the demands of today’s technology-enabled consumers, who are demanding ever-faster and more flexible delivery of goods.

AI for enterprise applications: new report published

Author: webeditor

From manufacturing to utilities, via retail and logistics, AI has begun to permeate a number of key industries, providing advanced insight and increased opportunities to streamline processes, uncover new revenue streams and future-proof business.

Humanising technology is the future

Author: webeditor

As we embark on a journey soon to be dominated by artificial intelligence, the human-machine narrative persists, with the added debate about the need for AI to free up our time and focus on what being human really means.

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