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Bancassurance: insurtech inside

Author: webeditor

Insurance is in a deep wave of change, and we have decided to play an active role in this transformation of the sector. The name of this change is insurtech, which is going to be the way in which innovation... Read more

Digital Disruption: Turning Energy Data into Intelligence

Author: webeditor

Lee Morris, Managing Director & VP Sales EMEA, FirstFuel Software & Austin Whitman, VP Energy Markets, FirstFuel Software Intense market competition means that selling electrons has become a low margin business for today’s energy providers. And, a stagnant commodity market means that... Read more

Utility Transformation: Customer Engagement Through Insights and AI

Author: webeditor

Lee Morris, Managing Director & VP Sales EMEA, FirstFuel Software &  Austin Whitman, VP Energy Markets, FirstFuel Software Energy providers have enjoyed decades of stable, low-risk business conditions. But this environment is rapidly changing as customers increasingly have access to... Read more

Who owns CX? Sales and marketing must act now

Author: webeditor

Providing a great customer experience is more important than ever but many companies fail to deliver on promises, which raises some important questions. How do you develop a customer-centric approach? How do businesses reorganise? What tools are available? Businesses are... Read more

Getting your M&A ducks in a row

Author: webeditor

Integrating companies effectively and with minimum stress requires thoughtful preparation and a light touch. Steve Hemsley reports. A failure to devise an integration strategy and implement it early can cost buyers time and money as they struggle to unlock the... Read more

Who are the CEOs of the future?

Author: webeditor

The next big CEO is likely just beginning their journey in the world of business. But what is it like to start-up a new firm from scratch? Hayley Freedman, co-founder of CHARGit, gives us the answers The Leaders of start-ups are... Read more

Why SMEs aren’t always plane sailing

Author: webeditor

A successful start-up business is composed of many different ingredients, but the most important of those is patient planning, believes Colin Baker, chairman of private jet company 365 Aviation. Baker has been involved in a lot of start-ups spanning from... Read more

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