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A new prescription for data security

Author: webeditor

Already a major talking point because of chronic short staffing and underfunding, the NHS has been in the news for losing data with some regularity. But is the situation really that dire? And should NHS Digital be spending the £4.2billion... Read more

The rise of infrastructure-focused computer malware

Author: webeditor

Two years ago, a survey of security experts conducted by Intel Security and the Aspen Institute revealed how experts feared that a cyber-attack on critical infrastructure was very likely. Then in 2016, cyber-criminals struck, causing a widespread power outage in... Read more

Top 5: The most common ways to hack your computer

Author: webeditor

There’s more than one way to fall victim to fraudsters who want your money, personal information on your computer, or even your vote… Malware A family of viruses, worms and Trojans, malware is basically malicious code that steals information and/or... Read more

World in grip of new cyber attack

Author: webeditor

Widespread disruption has hit organisations across the world in the second major cyber attack to strike in as many months. Big business including advertising giant WPP and law firm DLA Piper were affected, while government offices in eastern Europe were... Read more

The cyber-insurance cover up

Author: webeditor

CYBER-INSURANCE – which covers firms for losses incurred by cyber-breaches and other forms of hacking – is a relatively new type of product to the insurance market. But many companies are unclear about what this type of insurance offers in... Read more

Ransomware hackers yet to cash in payments

Author: webeditor

The hackers behind Friday’s global cyber attack have yet to cash in on their ransom payments, according to the experts helping to track them down. Chainalysis, a private company based in New York and Copenhagen that works with international law... Read more

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