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Public safety, social innovation, cyber security

The future of public safety

Author: webeditor

Among the top priorities for any democratic government is security of the people and the resources that underpin a society, whether they be infrastructure, businesses or the economy. The nature of the threats facing our societies has evolved greatly over... Read more

smart cities, cyber security, infrastructure, internet of things, data

Living in smart cities

Author: webeditor

There is a reason for the rapid urbanisation of the world’s population: cities are economic powerhouses where people go to live more stable lives. Employment opportunities are higher in the city than in the countryside. And mobility and access to vital... Read more

information security, hacker, training, cryptocurrency

The expert view: Staying one step ahead of the hackers

Author: Shane Richmond

Cyber security threats are fast moving and ever evolving, said Raj Rajamani, of SentinelOne, introducing a Business Reporter breakfast briefing at London’s Savoy Hotel. Companies must be alert to new threats, such as attackers seeking to hijack computers to mine... Read more

A new prescription for data security

Author: webeditor

Already a major talking point because of chronic short staffing and underfunding, the NHS has been in the news for losing data with some regularity. But is the situation really that dire? And should NHS Digital be spending the £4.2billion... Read more

Diagnosing the cause of the WannaCry attacks

Author: webeditor

According to Experian’s Annual breach industry forecast 2017, healthcare organisations will be the most targeted sector during 2017. While the NHS wasn’t specifically targeted in last Friday’s ransomware outbreak, it has certainly shown how vulnerable it is to cyber attacks.... Read more

The American View: Gray Lady Downloads

Author: Keil Hubert

It’s strange how some mediocre stories stick tenaciously in your mind for decades while other, better stories don’t leave much behind after they last page or final frame. It’s almost enough to make you start believing in predestination and fate:... Read more

spear phishing emails – those targeted at a specific individual or company – remain a “very successful attack vector”

The expert view: How to mitigate cyber security risk

Author: Shane Richmond

According to research by Verizon, 91 per cent of all email attacks are aimed at credential theft, Jason Steer, of Menlo Security, told a group of senior security experts from a range of industries at a recent Business Reporter breakfast... Read more

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