Category: Disruptive Technologies 2019

The art of instant data delivery

Author: webeditor

Manish Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer, Redis Labs The pace of technology continues at an amazing rate, but must evolve still ever faster to meet the demands and needs of the average consumer every day.  Customers’ expectations of what they need,... Read more

Lay the groundwork for digital transformation

Author: webeditor

For most organisations digital transformation (DX) is on the radar as a strategic goal, but the path forwards is often unclear, or the journey is just beginning. With digital transformation becoming a must both in the private and public sector,... Read more

How artificial intelligence is transforming IT

Author: webeditor

New technologies help IT be faster, smarter, more effective. As we rush towards a new, more digitally enabled business, it’s important to maintain the quality and availability of the IT services we all rely on. Trying to do that with... Read more

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