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gig economy

Payback time for gig economy workers

Author: Joanne Frearson

Getting paid as a gig economy worker or a newly arrived migrant new is never easy to begin with – and outdated payment systems or the lack of a bank account can make the process even slower and clunkier. “Everybody... Read more

customer experience

Inside the big payments payout

Author: Joanne Frearson

Payment platform Adyen was founded in 2006 to modernise outdated systems to give consumers greater flexibility into how they can pay and merchant’s insight into how their customers like to shop. Since then the company has boomed, catering to demands in... Read more

Blocking out the future of transactions

Author: webeditor

Using the code behind Bitcoin transactions in other aspects of everyday life has been an aspiration for some time, but blockchain enthusiasts say the technology is already transforming the way we store and deal with data and pay for things... Read more

Bridging the payments gap for buyers and sellers alike

Author: webeditor

The future of payments will be driven by providers who understand real-world pain points for buyers and sellers, and who can then build delightful, seamless solutions that address those needs – creating new payment utilities. “It is about looking at... Read more

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