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Can you secure your supply chain from factory to consumer?

Author: webeditor

Alastair Taylor, Vice President / European Sales at Systech & Yoshiyuki Mizuguchi, General Manager at Toppan Product counterfeiting and diversion has become industrialised on a global scale, endangering consumer safety and undermining economies and brands. The global cost of counterfeiting and diversion... Read more

What does supply chain visibility mean?

Author: webeditor

There is a supply chain goal shared by industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals and aerospace: visibility. Complexity is a hallmark of any supply chain with this goal. When the list of unknowns grows too large for comfort and the grasp... Read more

Flying the cold chain through the smart barrier

Author: webeditor

Logistics packaging companies are bracing themselves for a digitisation influx So here we are, on the cusp of witnessing drones equipped with thermally-packaged aerial shippers, delivering time- and temperature-sensitive medicines to doorsteps in the remotest parts of our planet. Could... Read more

AEOLIX: a new European data sharing network for logistics

Author: webeditor

Jacob Bangsgaard, Chief Executive Officer, ERTICO – ITS Europe Lina Konstantinopoulou, Head of Transport and Logistics, Innovation and Deployment, ERTICO – ITS Europe Zeljko Jeftic, Head of Global Innovation, International Road Transport Union (IRU) The fragmented nature of ICT-based logistics... Read more

Five ways to future-proof your supply chain

Author: webeditor

TEKLYNX Global Marketing Director Jenna Wagner details strategic imperatives for future-proofing your organisation’s supply chain. Continued supply chain globalisation and its related complexities have all but consumed supply chain decision-makers as they look to meet marketplace demands. Now perhaps an... Read more

What does the perfect supply chain look like?

Author: webeditor

 Trevor Miles, Thought Leader, Kinaxis In this Business Reporter interview, Alastair Greener talks to Trevor Miles, Thought Leader, Kinaxis, about the future of the supply chain. In an ideal world, what does the perfect supply chain look like? For supply... Read more

The future of your supply chain

Author: webeditor

 It’s a fair assumption that effective supply chain management is an essential prerequisite for a successful business. Indeed, the great pioneer of mass production in the early 1900s, Henry Ford, came up with the following: “Coming together is a... Read more

The wireless supply chain: from warehouse to the boardroom

Author: webeditor

Remon Gazal, Chief Commercial Officer and SVP Brightstar Logic  The supply chain has always been an important element of the wireless industry, as devices have played an integral part of both carrier and retailer consumer offerings. Its prominence has been... Read more

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